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Sunday December 17th 2017

Fans Like Free Food on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages List

A few companies running specialized content, like coupons and video trailers, are also seeing solid growth on this week’s list of the top 20 growing pages on Facebook. But same as last week, the number one page is for the Turkish national flag. October 29th was the 86th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, and the growth from last week was apparently due ongoing enthusiasm from many of the 15.3 million monthly active users in the country. The page added 277,000 to reach 1.57 million fans.

Facebook Papa John_s Pizza

Papa John’s comes in at number two. The pizza-maker has been running successful experiments on its page for many months, and its latest one offers users a free medium pizza in exchange for becoming a Facebook fan. The result, as we have seen with food giveways from TGI Friday’s and other restaurants, is a lot of hungry new fans. Papa John’s page grew by 260,000 fans to reach 696,000.

Top Gainers This Week
logo Name Fans Gain↓ Gain, %
1. Türk Bayrağı 1,567,664 +277,137 +21.47
2. Papa John’s Pizza 696,242 +259,543 +59.43
3. Starbucks 4,984,191 +225,317 +4.73
4. Mafia Wars 5,429,964 +224,857 +4.32
5. 李连杰 Jet Li 2,308,437 +203,398 +9.66
6. Vin Diesel 6,988,056 +185,091 +2.72
7. All Blacks 194,686 +168,248 +636.39
8. Texas Hold’em Poker 3,832,843 +166,763 +4.55
9. Owl City 796,634 +154,366 +24.03
10. Celebs on Facebook 1,967,497 +151,961 +8.37
11. Jay-Z 1,057,383 +150,336 +16.57
12. Disney 2,022,501 +148,754 +7.94
13. Big Prize Giveaways 1,774,416 +130,538 +7.94
14. Facebook Site Governance 406,277 +129,991 +47.05
15. Cheryl Cole 1,425,052 +121,182 +9.29
16. Not Panicking Over Swine Flu 534,751 +100,850 +23.24
17. Twilight 4,062,881 +99,052 +2.50
18. Eminem 2,297,507 +96,136 +4.37
19. Slash 1,401,919 +84,306 +6.40
20. Outback Steakhouse 102,536 +76,314 +291.03

Moving on down the list, here are a few other pages that are seeing consistent day-to-day growth — it’s important to watch for this metric, as some pages on this list see one-day spikes when Facebook adds unofficial pages in to official pages. That sort of growth is not as interesting, because it is not driven by the page itself spurring engagement with fans.

Actor Jet Li is also on the list for the second week in a row, although it’s not entirely clear why. His page is consistently growing — it gained 203,000 new fans to reach 2.31 million — but he only updates his page every few days. Maybe he’s just that popular? Maybe Facebook has been running ads for his page, as it has been doing with rock star Slash (also on this week’s list), and other celebrities?

Facebook Outback Steakhouse

Speaking of musicians, electronica act Owl City and pop diva Cheryl Cole also have pages seeing consistent growth; Cole has been on a roll since the launch of a hit new album last month, that included an intensive social media campaign. However, Owl City appears to be updating its page directly, whereas one of Cole’s marketers seems to be doing the job for her.

Another brand with a coupon on its page is Outback Steakhouse, which has been offering a giant helping of onion fries (with the purchase of an entrée) to the first 500,000 Facebook user who becomes a fan. The page has grown by 76,000 to reach 103,000 fans in the last week. It turns out that fans like free food — see our list of 8 tips for restaurants for more on that — and we expect other big restaurants and fast-food chains to offer the same.

Entertainment brands are also on the list. Disney’s home page is running a big promotion for its “A Christmas Carol” movie, including a block of trailer clips above its page’s wall. The page gained 149,000 fans to total 2.02 million. Vampire television series Twilight’s page continues to grow, ahead of a new movie coming out later this month. The page grew by 99,000 to reach 4.06 million, and we expect this teen hit to keep climbing.

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