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Sunday December 17th 2017

How to create a press release that reaches buyers directly

Public Relations (PR) is undoubtedly a valuable tool for marketers: it builds brand, raises product awareness – and prospects often think of it as “more believable” than ads.

The web has become an increasingly important and very cost-effective channel for PR, providing new, clever and innovative ways to break news. Call it PR 2.0, if you will. However, as in their marketing and advertising efforts, BtoB marketers focus not on the volume of eyeballs that see a press release, but rather on the quality of those eyes – which is why those online press release distribution services probably aren’t the best choice for BtoB marketers.

As a BtoB marketer, you want your press release to reach an audience that is tailored to your market –pre-qualified prospects. Now, there’s a way to do just that: by posting press releases on MediaBrains Business Directories. The audience is comprised of buyers in your industry who are searching for what you sell.

Your press releases appear on the press release page of the Directory. To see an example, click to here to go to the BtoB Online Directory Press Release page.

Posting a press release is completely free for Featured Listing customers (for Plus and Basic customers, nominal fees apply). You can post as many as you want — the more press releases you post, the more times your company appears on the press release page.

The process couldn’t be simpler: create a headline, upload your file and click submit.

Taking advantage of the press release upload feature will increase the performance of your Business Directory marketing and build brand awareness. Even better, every reader is a pre-qualified decision maker.
Start spreading your news… Email us and we will add your company to the MediaBrains business directory network so you can post Press Releases.

Have something to say to buyers…but don’t have a press release?
Chatter instead! Post short, quick tidbits of information, seen by all Directory visitors, in real-time. Email us and we will add your company to the MediaBrains business directory network so you can add Business Chatter.

Writing the best press release
Want to create a press release that buyers will want to read – and that prompts them to learn more about your company? Here are some tips that will help:

  • Have a strong news angle. Remember, a press release is different than an ad: It should be newsworthy.
  • Emphasize the news value. Once you’ve got a news angle, take advantage of it: use it in the headline and in the body of your press release.
  • Write in journalistic, rather than marketing style. Your press release should be objectively written as though a reporter were writing the story. It should inform, not just sell.
  • Make sure your press release covers the five W’s: Who? What? When? Where? Why?
  • Focus on the keywords and phrases that your buyers use. Think about your customer’s pain points, and then create and deliver content accordingly. Use the words and phrases that your buyers do.
  • Don’t just send press releases when “big news” is happening. Find good reasons to send them all the time.

source: MediaBrains
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  1. Matthew C. Kriner says:

    It works like this, a customer researches for a keyword on Google. You have published an article which targets this phrase and get submitted it to a website which Google likes. The client gets your clause on page one, reads it, clicks on your website link, and calls your internet site. All release best, you will have about affiliate link click-throughs, and some sales in there! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

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