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Sunday December 17th 2017


Internet Marketing News is brought to you by Janet Megee, Director of SEO Strategies at SEO Inc. A collection of everything “internet”, Internet Marketing News provides coverage on Search Engine Optimization, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Web Analytics, and more.

What started as a personal interest in web development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and social media has led Janet to an exciting and fulfilling passion for Internet Marketing.

As the Senior SEO Analyst, she leads the SEO Inc Consulting Department and is responsible for strategically planning Search Engine Optimization campaigns for many well known and Fortune 500 companies. With over 8 years of experience in consulting and project management, she works effectively with marketing departments, as well as, public relations firms, web design and development companies, and third party vendors to ensure proper implementation of the latest SEO techniques.

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